York Nexus Cross Trainer.

York Nexus Cross Trainer with Modern, Attractive Design and 13 Preset Exercise Programs, 1 Manual, 5 Heart Rate Controlled and 4 User Definable.

With a piano black glossy design and sixteen levels of resistance easily selectable from one touch quick access buttons you can choose between manual exercise or automatic exercises or heart rate control exercise where the York Nexus Cross Trainer monitors your heart rate (by using pulse sensors in the handlebars) and automatically adjusts your exercise programme depending on your changing heart rate.
York Nexus Cross Trainer, Modern, Attractive Design.

Modern, Attractive Design, 13 Preset Exercise Programs, 1 Manual, 5 Heart Rate Controlled and 4 User Definable.

There's sensors for pulse rate in your hands as you hold the handlebars as well as BMI Body Mass Index also measured through sensors in the handlebars (that measure the resistance between your two hands across your body which is an indication of body fat).

Your find the York Nexus Cross Trainer is smooth and silent with an incredibly high built quality which means you won't have any wobbling or shaking when you use the York Nexus Cross Trainer even on carpet and with multiple exercise levels you can just pick the exercise level that's closest to your current fitness level.

There's two sets of handlebars so you can use the York Nexus Cross Trainer as a step machine using the fixed handlebars for a step action that shapes your leg muscles and use the moving handlebars for a complete exercise of both the upper and lower body workout (upper body works the arms and shoulders).

Inside the elliptical trainer is a 4kg flywheel this keeps the elliptical trainer steady and prevents it from wobbling whilst providing a very smooth action on the pedals that lets you glide along rather than have a mechanical feel to your movements.

The digital display shows the exercise programme you have selected graphically so you can see the entire route on screen and your current position on that route as well as how hard or easy the next bits are.
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