York Fitness X201 Elliptical Trainer.

York Fitness X201 Elliptical Trainer With Graphical Computer Display and Fitness Tests Included.

The York Fitness X201 Elliptical Trainer is a strong and sturdy cross trainer for home use that features a graphical digital display that shows you your exercise programme in the form of an easy to read bar chart display and the exercise computer features fitness tests which measure your heart rate during exercise so your be able to measure how your fitness improves over time.
York Fitness X201 Elliptical Trainer, With Graphical Computer Display.

With Graphical Computer Display, Fitness Tests Included.

With adjustable footplates you can change the stride length to allow for longer legs or shorter legs so your always fit perfectly on the footplates.

The York Fitness X201 Elliptical Trainer uses both your upper body and lower body to give you a full workout which works a greater range of muscles and will increased your heart rate and burn more calories.

With the York Fitness X201 Elliptical Trainer cardiovascular exercises your burn more body fat and with different intensity levels you can make sure you're always in the fat burning zone so your exercise will always be effective with just thirty minutes a day and selecting a intensity level of 60-70% of your maximum heart rate (as calculated by the elliptical trainer) your start to lose weight and burn fat.

Its easy to use as you can use the exercise programmes to guide you through exercise or just get on press start and select your difficulty level (resistance level) and the cross trainer is silent in use so your be able to cross train whilst watching TV.

A user manual is included which is easy to follow and the machine itself is very stable, solid and easy to use and with wheels on the bottom of the elliptical trainer you can wheel it about your house from one room to the next if you decided to use the machine in one room and store it in another.

You can use the built in exercise programmes or you can create your own exercise programme and you can change the intensity (resistance) of the programmes to suit your ability, after use your notice improvements in your stamina and with the options to do quick sessions of 10 minutes or full size sessions of 40 to 60 minutes you can tailor your exercise to the time available.
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