V-Fit Apollo Air Exercise Cycle.

Review V-Fit Apollo Air Exercise Cycle the Cheapest Exercise Bike with 2 Year Warranty.

The cheapest exercise bike is undoubtedly the V-Fit Apollo Air Exercise Cycle if your worrying about the quality then look no further than the two year warranty, most manufacturers of exercise bikes only offer one year warranty and that's on exercise bikes costing ten times the price of the V-Fit Apollo Air Exercise Cycle and that's why the V-Fit Apollo Air Exercise Cycle has become a best seller.
V-Fit Apollo Air Exercise Cycle, Cheapest Exercise Bike.

Cheapest Exercise Bike.

With an all steel frame, steel handlebars and steel seat uprights everything about the V-Fit Apollo Air Exercise Cycle is well made.

The front handlebar stem end caps allow the handlebar angle to be easily adjusted bringing the handlebars closer or further away from you, if your short your want to bring the handlebars closer and if your big your want to move the handlebars further away.

The frame is finished in a beautiful chip resistant epoxy baked silver paint which is very hard wearing and easy to clean, just wipe down.

The V-Fit Apollo Air Exercise Cycle uses an air resistance fan to provide the resistance for your pedals, this ensure that you have lots of different resistance settings to choose from, select from easy going to hard exercise, the harder it is to pedal the more calories you will be burning and the stronger your muscles will be getting, you legs and thighs will tone and look great.

The handlebars have expanded foam grips which not only look very stylish but are also excellent non slip grips to hold whilst you cycle, the saddle is larger than most and filled with foam for a comfortable seat with a seven position height adjustment that's adjusted through a large hand turn control knob.

There's an exercise display that monitors your progress and displays calories burned, the distance you have cycled in miles, your heart rate in beats per minute (this is calculated from a pulse reading) and the time you have been cycling in minutes and seconds.
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