The Original Nordic Walking Crosstrainer.

The Original Nordic Walking Crosstrainer which Folds Flat To Save Space and is a Bright Purple Colour.

This is a fun Nordic Walking Crosstrainer that folds away when not in use so it's easy to store and is bright purple in colour, Nordic Walking Crosstrainers are low impact exercise for the home that tone your body and increase general well being.
The Original Nordic Walking Crosstrainer, Folds Flat To Save Space.

Folds Flat To Save Space, Bright Purple Colour.

There's a digital display which shows how many strokes you have done along with the time you have been Nordic walking for so you can keep track of your exercise time and set yourself goals like to do thirty minutes of Nordic walking a day and there's a calorie counter too which will show you the calories you have been burning in real time as your walking and is the perfect motivation as you can see how many calories your burning, speed up and see the display counting caloirws even faster.

The Nordic walker is quiet so you can watch TV whilst you exercise and the family won't complain because it won't interrupt their viewing and with no impact on the joints you won't complain either as you won't get sore or ache even after a long workout.

With Nordic walking your use every muscle but won't get sore because its low impact exercise and because the Nordic walker folds up small you can put the walker under your bed or in a wardrobe or flat against the wall so its ideal if you have little space at home.

If you sit in front or a desk all day at work make sure you get some exercise when you get home, thirty minutes on the walker will help you get the moderate exercise doctors advise us to take everyday.

The steel frame is thick and sturdy and designed to support an adult's weight so perfect for the whole family to use as it won't be bending or wobbling in use.

You can do long strides or gliding which stretches the muscles and tendons and is low impact on your knees and for a full cardiovascular workout pull your legs forwards and backwards using the handlebars and will also exercise the triceps which are located at the back of your arm which will help exercise away those 'bingo wings'.
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