Review Horizon Oxford II Rower.

Review Horizon Oxford II Rower the Folding Rowing Machine for Easy Transport and Easy Storage.

The ever popular Oxford II Rowing Machine is a folding rowing machine so when not in use can be folded up out the way where it will take up a lot less space or you can fold the rower to put in the boot of your car if your regularly moving between home and flat.
Review Horizon Oxford II Rower, Folding Rowing Machine.

Folding Rowing Machine.

The Horizon Oxford II Rower is one of the most effective pieces of exercise equipment for the home as it gives a full body workout using the bodies largest muscle groups, the arms and the legs, a great cardio vascular exercise which raises your heart rate, gets your body exercising hard, burning calories, losing weight and leaving you fully exercised.

There's a hard wearing ergo dynamically designed seat which you won't slip off, it s comfortable and tough for years of use, the rower uses air resistance to provide the resistance to your pulling, with air resistance the harder you pull the harder the resistance, there's a resistance level selection lever on the side of the rower so you can easily change resistance level whilst sat in the rower with your feet held in the foot straps.

The Horizon Oxford II Rower folds up vertically, the long bar hinges upwards so the whole rowing machine looks a little bit like a Hoover when folded, indeed you could store the rowing machine under the stairs with the Hoover.

There's a wireless heart rate sensor included and a large digital display on a moving arm so you can easily grab the arm and move the digital display upwards or downwards so its in your line of site as you row.

The rowing bar that the seat slides on is aluminium so it's light weight and easy to carry and very smooth so is practically frictionless in use.
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