Review Horizon Endurance 3 Cross Trainer.

Review Horizon Endurance 3 Cross Trainer the High Performance Elliptical Cross Trainer with Large Stride Length and Lower Height Pedals for Easy Access.

A high performance elliptical cross trainer that's still simple in design so it won't break down all the time and simple to use so you won't be distracted from exercising by numerous adjustments and buttons.
Review Horizon Endurance 3 Cross Trainer, High Performance Elliptical Cross Trainer.

High Performance Elliptical Cross Trainer.

With a full 18 inch stride length available even those with long legs can use this cross trainer without banging their feet on the back of the cross trainer or having to have their feet over hang the back of the cross trainer.

The foot plates are non slip design so your maintain your balance at all times and your find the foot plates have plenty of room for your feet, the front housing contains a flywheel which provides momentum as you cross train so movement is never jerky or machine like but natural and fluid.

The magnetic breaking system ensures responsive breaking as you slow down or emergency stop and magnetic systems have few moving parts so you're cross trainer lasts longer without maintenance.

There's ten different resistance levels to choose from this determines how hard it is to pedal, the higher the resistance level, the harder it is to pedal and the more calories you will burn.

For home use the pedals are placed closer to the ground so tall people will have more headroom which us very important in small modern homes, and with a lower pedal the cross trainer is easier to get on for those with an injury, rehabilitating or the elderly.

Mounted below the handlebars are water bottle holders for holding your drinks whilst you exercise.

The Horizon Endurance 3 Cross Trainer has two sets of handlebars, a fixed or static pair of handlebars for a step machine and a moving set of handlebars for elliptical cross training, the fixed handlebars have pulse sensors which will measure your pulse and heart rate and display it on the screen.
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