Reebok iTrainer 2.1 Cross Trainer.

Review Reebok iTrainer 2.1 Cross Trainer with Heart Rate Exercise Control and Adjustable Pedals and Handlebars.

Hold the handlebars as you cross train and pulse sensors in the hand grips will measure your pulse just like the Doctor or nurse measures your pulse and can then work out your heart rate, the heart rate is then displayed on the digital console and you can keep an eye on your changing heart rate to make sure your not working to hard or indeed taking it too easy when you should be working harder.
Reebok iTrainer 2.1 Cross Trainer, Heart Rate Exercise Control.

Heart Rate Exercise Control.

You can easily control how hard or easy it is to cross train, there are eight levels of difficulty available and to select the effort level you want you simply turn a rotary dial with your hand, turn towards your left foe less effort and turn towards your right for greater effort, if you new to exercise completely or elliptical cross trainers start off with a lower level of resistance and over the coming weeks slowly increase your resistance level as you get fitter.

The back of the cross trainer features a 6kg flywheel which ensures that every stroke on the treadmill is fluid and easily moves into the next stroke, this is the sign of a good quality elliptical trainer where inferior models will have a very mechanical clickty clack movement as you complete a stroke the Reebok iTrainer 2.1 Cross Trainer is virtually silent and glides into each stroke.

The pedals are completely adjustable so if you have big feet or long legs or short legs or small feet you can adjust exactly where your feet and legs are positioned and customise the elliptical trainer to your size and style of cross training, the adjustments are made with the adjustment tool provided and will take seconds to make.

The handlebars are similarly fully adjustable if you find that you are too tall for regular cross trainers or too small for cross trainers or that other cross trainers always position the handlebars at angles you don't like now you can adjust the position and angle of the cross trainer handlebars to suit your size, shape and style.
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