Reebok iRower 2.1 Rowing Machine.

Review Reebok iRower 2.1 Rowing Machine the Stylish Rowing Machine in Orange Colour with Next Day Delivery.

The Reebok iRower 2.1 Rowing Machine has orange highlights, white frame and black fittings and is a very stylish looking rowing machine that will suit any home, order today and you get next day delivery.
Reebok iRower 2.1 Rowing Machine, Stylish Rowing Machine, Orange Colour.

Stylish Rowing Machine, Orange Colour.

There's a digital display mounted at eye level so you can see the display without having to move your head, just row normally and the digital display is always in view, the readout includes the time you have been rowing and the time remaining if you have set an exercise goal or are using one of the built in exercise programmes, the distance that you have rowed is also displayed as is the calories you have burned off whilst your rowing.

If your following a calorie controlled diet or just trying to cut down on calories to lose weight, then knowing how many calories your rowing has burned will help you reach your target calorie intake quicker.

The Reebok iRower 2.1 Rowing Machine also shows you the speed your rowing at and the resistance level you have selected.

This is a folding rowing machine, so when not in use you can fold the rowing machine by just turning a hand knob with your fingers, no tools are required to fold the rowing machine which means it's quick, simple and easy and you can store the rowing machine around your home, under the stairs, in a wardrobe or any other area a Hoover or home appliance might be stored out of the way.

For measuring your heart rate your be pleased to know that the Reebok iRower 2.1 Rowing Machine comes with a free Polar heart rate chest strap, the wireless receiver for the chest strap is built into the rowing machine, so just wear the chest strap whilst you row and your hear rate will automatically be displayed on the screen.
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