Reebok iBike 2.1 Exercise Bike.

Review Reebok iBike 2.1 Exercise Bike with Free Delivery and Same Day Dispatch, Order Today, Sent Today.

In need of an exercise bike and don't want to wait days or weeks then order the Reebok iBike 2.1 Exercise Bike today and the exercise bike will be dispatched today arriving at your home tomorrow, delivery is free too so you don't pay any more for this express service, and if you have an old exercise bike or other piece or exercise equipment that you want to get rid of, when your new exercise bike is collected they will even take away your old equipment under the WEEE Waste Electrical and Electronic regulations.
Reebok iBike 2.1 Exercise Bike, Free Delivery, Same Day Dispatch.

Free Delivery, Same Day Dispatch.

The Reebok iBike 2.1 Exercise Bike is where style, functionality and cheap price all come together perfectly producing a masterpiece that Reebok call the iSeries, with a full range of features it's ideal for beginners to exercise cycles and professionals as there's great features for everyone like the M-Force resistance system which makes you're cycling smooth and continuous with no stopping or starting or friction or excess noise.

There's 8 levels of magnetic resistance so beginners can choose a lower level of resistance which means its easier to peddle and those familiar with exercise bikes of fit already can choose a higher resistance level, magnetic resistance has few moving parts so there's less to go wrong and you exercise bike will last for years longer, magnetic resistance is also incredibly quiet which may be important where you live.

There's a nice well sized LCD display between the handlebars which shows your current speed, time and distance travelled and calories burned and heart rate.

Calories burned is always useful to know especially if your following a weight loss programme and need to know how many calories your consuming each day, don't forget however many calories you burn exercising you can remove from your daily calorie consumption total.
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