Reebok C5.1e Elliptical Cross Trainer.

Reebok C5.1e Elliptical Cross Trainer that's Compact, Solid and Reliable with Manufacturers Warranty of 2 Years On Site Parts and Labour.

The Reebok C5.1e Elliptical Cross Trainer uses push button electronic resistance that can be varied from 25 to 400 watts of power in 5 watt increments, there's 7 exercise training programs built in to choose from and each one has different goals some are designed to help you shape and tone muscles whilst others are designed to help you lose weight or stay fit.
Reebok C5.1e Elliptical Cross Trainer, Compact, Solid and Reliable.

Compact, Solid and Reliable, Manufacturers Warranty 2 Years On Site Parts and Labour.

Use the included digital display and exercise computer to measure your heart rate (pulse rate sensors built into the handlebars) and the machine will also calculate your calorie burn there's 16 different resistance levels to choose from where level one is easy and level 16 is the hardest, you can set the workout length by time, distance or calories burned so if you want to burn a certain number of calories each day you can.

The very large digital display is blue in colour and draws a diagram of your selected exercise course so you can see all the high bits and low bits showing you how hard you will have to exercise at any given point and with a stop button on the front console its easy to stop quickly or use the resistance keys to make moving the elliptical paddles round easier or harder.

On the moving handlebar is a water bottle and holder which is included with the elliptical trainer and within easy reach even whilst your exercising, the footplates have a footplate guard all around the edge of the footplate to hold your feet in place comfortably and prevent your feet from slipping off.

There are two sets of handlebars a fixed set for a step machine action and a moving set for an elliptical action so you can work just the lower body or the upper body and lower body together.
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