Parabody GS2 Multi Gym.

Review Parabody GS2 Multi Gym for Total Body Home Workout the Space Saving Exercise Machine.

The Parabody GS2 Multi Gym is a unique exercise machine in that it works all areas of the body and truly is space saving, if you have room in your house for a chair then you have room in your house for the Parabody GS2 Multi Gym as the multi gym is based around a chair.
Parabody GS2 Multi Gym, Total Body Home Workout.

Total Body Home Workout.

This multi gym is very compact yet contains everything you need for biomechanically correct strength training exercises, what that means is that the machine puts your muscles in the correct position for you to work them and with the muscles in the correct position your going to get maximum benefit from any workout you do.

Included in the design is the Parabody variable arc press station which lets you do fixed arc chest press (straight chest press), converging chest press (butterfly press) and the close grip chest press includes an extended arm pectoral muscle fly, rear delts and sit down rowing machine with simply and quick adjustment as you move round the exercises, simply turn the hand wheel or flick a lever, certainly no tools are required to change exercise machines as you move round between exercises.

Designed for small areas in your home, anywhere you can put a chair you can put the Parabody GS2 Multi Gym.

The Parabody GS2 Multi Gym buts your limbs and muscle groups into the anatomically correct and natural position for maximum muscle tone, strength and growth so you can be assured of the right position.

Included exercise machines that are part of the Parabody GS2 Multi Gym include a lat pulldown bar, moving low row bar and ankle strap which is great for swimmers looking to build up their legs.
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