Marcy MP3500 Multigym with Thigh Trainer.

Review Marcy MP3500 Multigym with Thigh Trainer the New Style Home Gym with 65Kg Weight Stack Included.

The Marcy MP3500 Multigym is a new type of home gym that has just been launched that includes a thigh trainer attached to the side of the home gym, for the exact same price you now get even more and no longer need a dedicated thigh trainer when the Marcy MP3500 Multigym can do it all.
Marcy MP3500 Multigym with Thigh Trainer, New Style Home Gym.

New Style Home Gym.

The thigh trainer is fully adjustable and can be used for working the inner thigh as well as the outer thigh, a 65kg weight stack is included, simply select how much weight you would like to lift or exercise with up to a maximum of 65kg, for resistance exercises the maximum resistance available is 92kg.

The seat as you would expect is fully adjustable and fully padded too for comfort and safety there's also a built in lumber support section in the backrest to offer support to your back and prevent back ache or the worsening of a pre existing back condition.

A seated rowing machine is also one of the pieces of exercise equipment that's built in and features pivoting footplates so your feet won't get sore or ache no matter how much you row as your feet won't be under stress as they can freely move with the movement of the rowing machine.

The Marcy MP3500 Multigym is a heavy duty all steel construction seated multigym for home use, your next expected to stand up and exercise, all the exercises are built around the fully adjusting seat.

A chest press and butterfly press is included and the two are instantly available at the flick of a lever, both have a full range of adjustable movements, there's a leg developer for building up your legs, if you think your legs are too thin or you get tired easily walking then use the leg developer to build up your legs.
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