Marcy MP2500 Multigym.

Review Marcy MP2500 Multigym with Space Saving Design, No More Space than for a Chair Required.

The key feature of the Marcy MP2500 Multigym is its unique space saving design which means that it take up no more room than a standard chair, if you can fit a chair in the space then you can fit the Marcy MP2500 Multigym into that space.
Marcy MP2500 Multigym, Space Saving Design.

Space Saving Design.

The Marcy MP2500 Multigym uses a low pulley station that's been mounted to the side of the multigym to save space as well as dual action press arms so the one home gym can do bench press, shoulder press and incline press as well as pec dec fly arms.

Made from steel tubing the Marcy MP2500 Multigym is extremely strong yet light weight and movable, the Marcy MP2500 Multigym comes with 45kg of weight stack, you can select any weight to exercise with up to a maximum weight of 45kg and you can do bench press, incline press and shoulder press using the dual function press arms.

When you exercise it's correct muscle isolation that causes the muscles to tone and build, what that means is that to work on one muscle you should be seated in the exercise equipment correctly to only work that one muscle so it works harder and more effectively so your tone and increase strength or muscle mass quicker, that's exactly what's achieved with the Marcy MP2500 Multigym, the oversized roller pads on the leg developer make sure that your muscle is correctly isolated for the most effective exercise.

The plastic sheathed cables are sheathed for safety and have a tensile strength of 2000Ibs and are in fact aircraft cables uses on aircraft control systems.

The paint on the home gym won't easily chip or get scratched as it's a powder finish paint that has been baked onto the steel for long life and natural movements maintenance free sealed bearings are used.

With the home gym you get a lat bar, shiver bar and ankle strap for side kicks which is excellent for swimming training.
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