Marcy MP2106 Multigym.

Review Marcy MP2106 Multigym the Complete Home Gym, Includes Exercise Chart.

If you're new to exercising at home then the Marcy MP2106 Multigym is ideal as it's a complete home gym with all the fitness equipment you need combined into one gym machine and comes with an exercise chart to show you how to use the home gym and how to do the exercises.
Marcy MP2106 Multigym, Complete Home Gym.

Complete Home Gym.

There's a chest press which is fully adjustable to suit your height and arm length, the seat features a padded backrest and is also fully adjustable, there's exercise machines incorporated into the home gym for working your chest, shoulders, arms, stomach and legs.

The Marcy MP2106 Multigym is a heavy duty multigym made from steel which comes with 65kg of weight stack and 92kg of maximum resistance.

As well as an adjustable chest press there's an adjustable butterfly press too and a lat pulldown bar and leg developer for getting toned and trim legs either by exercise or by strength training to build muscle, there's a seated rower so you can row in a natural position and not standing like some manufacturers of home gym force you too do.

The rowing machine features pivoting footplates just like the best stand alone rowing machines on the home gym your also find an abdominal crunch machine for getting that great six pack.

The adjustable seat is fully padded and features a lumber support for your back so if you are suffering with back pain and still want to exercise then the Marcy MP2106 Multigym is an excellent choice.

You get lots of accessories with the Marcy MP2106 Multigym including the lateral pulldown bar, triceps bar, ankle strap for sided kicks which is excellent training for swimmers, an abdominal crunch strap and printed exercise chart to show you how to use the home gym and how to do the exercises.

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