Kettler Verso 309 Cross Trainer.

Review Kettler Verso 309 Cross Trainer the Big Elliptical Trainer that's Height Adjustable.

Looking for a big elliptical cross trainer that's got an adjustable height so fits everyone from the smallest to the tallest and has long handles with multiple handle positions for all heights of user then buy the Kettler Verso 309 Cross Trainer.
Kettler Verso 309 Cross Trainer, Big Elliptical Trainer.

Big Elliptical Trainer.

This is a very safe elliptical trainer with an instant stop braking system which uses motor controlled magnetic breaks for quick emergency stopping, there's 16 different levels of resistance too so you can make your cross trainer easy or hard to use depending on your fitness level and exercise goals.

The training computer is mounted between the handlebars and is incredibly easy to read in all light levels as the display features a backlit lighting system so if you have poor eyesight or just like to exercise with your glasses or contact lenses out then this is the cross trainer for you.

The exercise computer features six different exercise programmes built in to help you reach your goals like lose weight, increase stamina, tone legs and more.

Your pulse is measured through hand sensors built into the handlebars so all you need do to see your pulse and heart rate on the screen is hold the handlebars as you pedal, but also the pulse can be measured through the included ear clip, so if you don't like to hold the handlebars whilst you cross train but still want to see your pulse and heart rate information then just use the included pulse ear clip.

If you prefer to use a chest strap to measure your heart rate then your be interested to know that the chest strap receiver is also built in.

With a reduced price that is well below the RRP Recommended Retail Price you get a great deal.
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