Kettler Race Training Bike.

Review Kettler Race Training Bike With Triathlon Handlebars and Big Transport Castors.

The Kettler Race Training Bike is an indoor racing bike for home use that's built to be as much as possible just like an outdoor racing bike, there's a magnetic brake system which is very quiet so perfect for indoor home use and magnetic braking systems are also more reliable and last longer as magnetic brakes have fewer moving parts and less to go wrong.
Kettler Race Training Bike, With Triathlon Handlebars.

Triathlon Handlebars.

There's an 18kg flywheel housed inside the chassis which provides natural free wheeling an very natural pedal movements where you can feel the bike move under it's own momentum just like an outdoor racing bike.

There's a computer display with a stylish and sporty looking speedo, on the computer display you can choose between lots of settings from distance cycled, time taken, calories burned or pulse rate, the calories burned will help you lose weight if your following a calorie controlled diet and the pulse control is measured from a pulse ear clip which is included and there's also attachment for a chest belt to measure your heart rate.

The Kettler Race Training Bike will even analyse your exercise and give you a fitness rating which you can try and improve on over time, you can chose settings for fat burning or fitness training where your pulse is monitored closely to guide you on an exercise programme to burn fat or increase fitness levels.

The Kettler Race Training Bike will even display averages showing you your average pulse or your average calorie burn as well as showing you real time numbers.

The Triathlon handlebars are adjustable horizontally and vertically and the comfortable saddle is also adjustable horizontally and vertically.

The pedals are professional in design with high quality pedal bearings used and combi-click pedals for better cycling, the big transport casters let you easily push the Kettler Race Training Bike around yu home from room to room and storage.
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