Kettler Fit Master Multi Gym.

Review Kettler Fit Master Multi Gym the Compact Training Station with Training for all Muscle Groups.

When looking for a multi gym for home use you need to train all muscle groups but you also need a compact multi gym that won't take up all the space in your house then buy the Kettler Fit Master Multi Gym.
Kettler Fit Master Multi Gym, Compact Training Station.

Compact Training Station.

With a butterfly press and a straight chest press, change between the two at the flick of button, no setup is required to change from any of the machines on the multigym to any other machine.

As well as the butterfly press station there's a bench press station and a rowing machine for both arms, this is unique on multi gyms as often you will find the inferior one handed rowing machines, but here on the Kettler Fit Master Multi Gym you have to handed rowing.

There's a lower pulley system which features equipment for leg stretches as well as leg extensions, the seat is fully height adjustable so everyone big or small can use the Kettler Fit Master Multi Gym.

Use the lateral pulldown bar for your arms and shoulder muscles and do leg extensions and leg curls on the leg station finishing off with some chest presses and butterfly press work.

There's a biceps curl bar and built-in ropes for a range of standing and sitting muscle working exercises.

All the ropes are steel ropes with plastic covered sheathing for protection and built-in steel rope lightener for tension adjustment.

The seat backrest and seat bottom are heavily padded and have a faux leather appearance, simply wipe clean with a cloth when dirty.

Chose whatever weight you would like to work with from 5kg to 60kg in 5kg steps, so you have plenty of training room, start with a lower weight and as your muscles, grow use larger weights following your exercise programme.

Suitable for everyone light of heavy with a maximum body weight of 21 stone.
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