Kettler Cambridge Rowing Machine.

Review Kettler Cambridge Rowing Machine the Folding Rowing Machine with Alarm on High Heart Rate.

For a rowing machine that folds up when not in use and has castor wheels for pulling the folded rower around then you better buy the Kettler Cambridge Rowing Machine.
Kettler Cambridge Rowing Machine, Folding Rowing Machine.

Folding Rowing Machine.

The resistance to your rowing is through a magnetic braking system which is super quiet a point that may be important to you if you live with other people and plan to exercise at night or early in the morning with a near silent rower you won't wake or disturb anyone.

Magnetic breaking also has few moving parts so there's less to go wrong and your rowing machine will last for many years.

For a very fluid, easy to row action there's a 4kg flywheel that makes the Kettler Cambridge Rowing Machine the best thing to actually rowing out on the water, the digital display has a permanent always on the screen display of six different readings so rather than having to wait for a moving scan of statistics like on many other rowers your see all your rowing statistics on the screen at the same time.

When your rowing hard and your pulse rate or heart rate rises about set limits a warning alarm will sound to let you know it's time to stop, or reduce the resistance level and take things easier, it's like having your own medical team watch over you whilst you row.

The rowing machine also has a built in clock, so if you prefer to see the time and keep exercising until a certain time then the option is there.

The keys on the rowing machine keypad for adjusting the settings are sweat resistant so the letters won't wear off after a few exercise sessions.

With a beautiful white body and bright steel coloured seat track this is a beautiful rowing machine that will look good in any home.
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