Horizon S3 Racing Bike.

Review Horizon S3 Racing Bike the Home Fitness Bike and Stationary Exercise Cycle.

If you enjoy spinning classes in the gym or just want your own static racing bike at home to exercise on then now you can have the very same high quality racing bike that's used in gyms up and down the country the Horizon S3 Racing Bike.
Horizon S3 Racing Bike, Home Fitness Bike.

Home Fitness Bike.

For everyone who loves to ride a fast racing bike and wants the same sort of styling on their indoor racing bike where you can cycle in the comfort of your own home without rain or wind and even without leaving your home.

The seat and handlebars are coated in neoprene foam and the seat can be adjusted up and down and backwards and forwards bring you closer or further away from the handlebars and the handlebar angle adjusts too so big or small, fat or thin everyone can use the Horizon S3 Racing Bike.

On the cross bar is a water bottle and holder this is included with the racing bike and is in easy reach so you can easily stay hydrated whilst you exercise.

The resistance knob is located just below the steering column and can be operated whilst you are cycling, being a hand turn resistance knob you can set it to a very fine increase or decrease in resistance if you want as well as more courser increase and decrease so it's suitable for those just staring out on a exercise racing bike and professionals.

The Horizon S3 Racing Bike even has transport wheels so you can lift up one end and wheel the other end around like a wheelbarrow which makes the Horizon S3 Racing Bike very easy to store.

With an all enclosed chain guard the Horizon S3 Racing Bike is very safe and its certainly very stylish with its all black thick bake paint and stainless steel front flywheel, the pedals have adjustable pedal straps to hold eve the biggest or smallest of feet.
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