Horizon Focus 308 Exercise Bike.

Review Horizon Focus 308 Exercise Bike with Big Comfortable Seat and Horizontal, Vertical Seat Adjustment.

The Horizon Focus 308 Exercise Bike is a good looking modern exercise bike designed to improve your health and all over wellness, the exercise bike is strong with large cylinder feet so the bike won't wobble or vibrate in use.
Horizon Focus 308 Exercise Bike, Big Comfortable Seat.

Big Comfortable Seat.

With striking good looks of dark grey and white two tone body shell and huge digital display, you even get a water bottle included which is mounted on the handlebar stem in easy reach when your cycling.

The seat or saddle is big and comfortable with lots of foam padding and can be adjusted up and down for different height riders and forward and backward bringing the bike seat closer to the handlebars of further away, if your pregnant and going to buy the Horizon Focus 308 Exercise Bike for some gently exercise, then you can move the seat backwards away from the handlebars giving you and baby more room.

Cycling is easy thanks to the big heavy flywheel incorporated in the rear section, the flywheel makes riding on an exercise cycle very similar to riding on a real cycle, there are no bumps or jumps or slow starts, the whole cycling motion is very smooth and quiet too, so if you have neighbours or others in the house that early morning bike exercise would wake then this is the exercise bike for you.

There are 16 levels of resistance to choose from so you can have a hard or easy bike ride and with wireless heart rate sensors included you can measure your heart rate as you cycle.

The 7 inch LCD screen is huge, that's as big as the LCD screen you get on some tablet computers and on it you can monitor your heart rate, pulse, calorie consumption, speed and time remaining.
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