Horizon Endurance 4 Cross Trainer.

Review Horizon Endurance 4 Cross Trainer for a Challenging Workout with Pivoting Foot Plates for Greater Comfort.

For greater comfort the Horizon Endurance 4 Cross Trainer has pivoting foot plates that move with your feet to prevent strains and injury, many elliptical trainers don't have moving foot plates and if you have ever used a fixed foot plate elliptical trainer your know how sore and tired your feet and legs can get afterwards, well with the Horizon Endurance 4 Cross Trainer you feet won't ache and your recover quicker.
Horizon Endurance 4 Cross Trainer, Challenging Workout.

Challenging Workout.

The Horizon Endurance 4 Cross Trainer using a magnetic breaking system, with few moving parts magnetic breaks last for years, these breaks will ensure that slowing down or when you push the emergency stop button the elliptical trainer stops quickly, magnetic brakes also are very quiet and if a quiet elliptical cross trainer is what you have been looking for then better buy the Horizon Endurance 4 Cross Trainer.

Choose between 20 different exercise levels by simply selecting the resistance level required from the colour digital display.

The fixed handlebars have pulse sensors which will measure your pulse as you hold the handlebars and displays your pulse and the corresponding heart rate that the cross trainer has calculates.

With a smart silver and all black metal design the cross trainer will look good in any home and the long handlebars means that both short and tall people can use the cross trainer easily.

There's a drinks bottle holder below the handlebars and a low clearance foot plate so if you're tall and worried that the ceiling where you live might not be tall enough after you have jumped on then buy the Horizon Endurance 4 Cross Trainer which is ne of only few elliptical trainers to actually consider the intended use in their home.
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