Horizon Comfort 408 Recumbent Bike.

Review Horizon Comfort 408 Recumbent Bike the Lose Weight Exercise Bike which is Easy Sit On, with Big Seat Not Saddle.

If you're overweight or recovering from injury or advanced in years you're probably struggle to get on a conventional exercise bike, having trouble lifting your leg over the saddle, with the Horizon Comfort 408 Recumbent Bike a conventional seat not a saddle is used, the seat looks more like a seat you would find in a car than anything you would find on an exercise bike.
Horizon Comfort 408 Recumbent Bike, Lose Weight Exercise Bike.

Lose Weight Exercise Bike.

With a recumbent exercise bike design you can place your feet out in front of you on pedals in front of you, this is a much easier position to exercise in than a conventional exercise bike.

In front of the recumbent exercise bike you also have handlebars which you can hold and provide stability and security as you begin to pedal.

With a step through design it's so much easier to sit yourself down on the seat than a exercise bike saddle, the seat is contoured for comfort, and fully adjustable forwards, backwards, upwards and downwards and the seat also includes lumbar support for your lower back.

Using free spin technology you can start to peddle without experiencing jarring or juddering, just like on a normal bicycle out on the road.

Whether users are young or old, injured or able bodied this is a much easier exercise bike to climb in and out of and to use day to day and with such a low price is bound to become one of the best sellers.

The recumbent bicycle is so easy to use, you feel more like you sat in a car than a bicycle, you do the peddling to increase your fitness level and to lose weight or get a better range of motion and on the digital display your see everything from home long you have been exercising to the speed your going and even your heart rate, pulse and calories consumed.
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