Horizon Adventure 2 Treadmill.

Review Horizon Adventure 2 Treadmill the Full Size Treadmill with Large Running Track.

Looking to buy a full size treadmill that will give you plenty of room to run or walk with a large running track then buy the Horizon Adventure 2 Treadmill.
Horizon Adventure 2 Treadmill, Full Size Treadmill.

Full Size Treadmill.

The Horizon Adventure 2 Treadmill is suitable for both beginners and work out professionals as the treadmill features easy to use quick start features like press and run buttons as well as all the advanced features that a running enthusiast would want.

With a large, strong metal frame you won't find yourself wobbling or worried about vibration, noises and wobbles like you notice on some other makes of treadmill, with a walking speed of 0.5 mph up to a running speed of 10 mph the treadmill is suitable for all users, young and old, amateurs and professionals.

If you like walking or running uphill then you can set an incline using the treadmill buttons to automatically higher or lower the running track angle to create a hill from 0 degrees flat to 10 degrees hill and no manual adjusting is required simply press the button on the treadmill to automatically rise or lower the treadmill, unlike manual treadmills where you are required to adjust angled feet by getting off the treadmill to create an incline.

Built into the treadmill digital display is 10 exercise programmes that are designed to be motivational encouraging you to keep walking or jeep running and keep the pace.

The LED display uses high contrast number digits that ca be easily seen, even at a glance and even in low light conditions.

In the front console, below the digital display your find a drinking bottle holder to your right and directly below the digital display is a storage area for headphones, MP3 players, phones, towels and more.
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