Bremshey Control Vibration Plate.

Review Bremshey Control Vibration Plate with Large Platform for Full Body Training.

The Bremshey Control Vibration Plate is a stand on vibration late with a large platform so you can do a wide range of exercises on all of your body.
Bremshey Control Vibration Plate, Large Platform.

Large Platform.

This classic design stand on vibration plate is very stable thanks to its large platform and it's designed to be very user friendly with easy to use controls and easy to use straps.

The Bremshey Control Vibration Plate is designed so that only the large platform vibrates whilst the stand and control panel and digital display are completely vibration free so controls are easy to operate and the monitor is easy to read.

The large platform has a thick rubber mat which is extremely comfortable to stand on even with bear feet, the vibrating platform is also large enough to sit on the platform comfortably and do any seated exercises and stretches you wish.

The very large and long handle bars mean you can easily hold the handle bars whilst you do a variety of different exercises from either a standing, sitting, kneeling or off vibration plate lunge position.

On either side of the vibration plate your find exercise straps you can use these for extra stability and to increase your balance when for instance standing on one leg or on tip toes.

As well as a start and stop button on the control console next to the digital display, there's also an extra start and stop button on the bottom of the control box so when your kneeling down, doing lunges or other exercises there's always an emergency stop button close at hand.

The control console features two LED displays which measure the time you have been using your vibration plate and the frequency of the vibrations, there's two different training programmes available as well as quick start buttons and manual control buttons.

The Bremshey Control Vibration Plate comes with a super long 15 year warranty on the frame and two years free parts and labour warranty.
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