Bremshey Cardio Control Exercise Bike.

Review Bremshey Cardio Control Exercise Bike with 4 User Memory, Remembers Your Settings, the Family Exercise Bike.

With four different user memories up to four different users can save their settings so the whole family can use the Bremshey Cardio Control Exercise Bike and have the exercise bike remember settings like favourite exercise programmes, entered body weight, recent heart rate and pulse records, best times, calories burned and exercise resistance levels selected.
Bremshey Cardio Control Exercise Bike, 4 User Memory, Remembers Your Settings.

4 User Memory, Remembers Your Settings.

The digital display is mounted between the handlebars and is in colour, a colour digital display that shows you you're cycling stats in high contrast colours so the display is easy to read even in low light levels or if you have taken your glasses off or contact lenses out to exercise.

The colour LCD display shows you the time you have been exercising as well as the speed you're pedalling at and how many revolutions of the pedals you're making each minute as well as the distance cycled and your energy consumption in calories, so it's great to use the Bremshey Cardio Control Exercise Bike to lose weight as you can see how many calories your burning each time you exercise, if your following a calorie controlled diet it's important to know how many calories you have burned so you can help keep your calorie intake low so your lose more weight.

Your heart rate is measured by pulse sensors in the handlebars which measure the pulse in the palms of your hands whilst you hold the hand grips, this pulse information is then used to calculate your heart rate which is displayed on screen.

The Bremshey Cardio Control Exercise Bike even measures and displays the room temperature in the room you're exercising so you can keep an eye on the room temperature and decide if its too warm to exercise.
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