Bremshey Ambition Rower.

Review Bremshey Ambition Rower the Environmental Green Rowing Machine that Makes it's Own Power, Folding Rowing Machine.

Have you ever wondered why exercise equipment needs to be plugged into an electrical socket when you're exercising and the exercise equipment could really power itself to make the display and computer work, it seems such a waste of electricity when you can make your own electricity for free whilst you exercise, with the Bremshey Ambition Rower you rowing powers the computer and digital display, there's no need for batteries or electrical cables.
Bremshey Ambition Rower, Environmental Green Rowing Machine, Makes it's Own Power.

Environmental Green Rowing Machine, Makes it's Own Power.

The large and stylish LCD digital display is easy to use and will display for you the time you have been rowing and the time left to row, the distance you have rowed and the time it takes you to row 500 meters, the strokes per minute of your rowing action, the power and energy your making measured in watts and your heart rate measure in BPM Beats Per Minute as collected by the pulse sensor in the rowing machine handle.

There's three built in exercise programmes including a built in fitness text programme, so you can take the fitness test when you first buy your Bremshey Ambition Rower and then retake the test each week to see how your fitness is improving, it's like having your own personal trainer with you all the time.

The Bremshey Ambition Rower has a space saving design as the rowing machine folds up when not in use, and transport wheels means its easy to push the folded rowing machine around the house when not in use.

There's a very large and ergonomically designed cushioned seat that will make you want to keep exercising for longer and footrests that adjust easily to fit all sizes of feet from the smallest to the largest.
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