Body Sculpture Cross Trainer E Strider BE1700.

Body Sculpture Cross Trainer E Strider BE1700 in Two Tone Silver and Black Colours and a Great Workout For the Thighs.

The Body Sculpture Cross Trainer E Strider BE1700 is a home fitness cross trainer that will look great in any home, it has a smart silver body with clack pedals, handlebars and footplates there's eight levels of magnetic resistance and an exercise computer that shows you how fast your cross training, how long you have been cross training for, the distance you have cross trained and how many calories you have burned plus there's a pulse rate monitor built into the handlebars so you pulse is displayed on screen too.
Body Sculpture Cross Trainer E Strider BE1700, Two Tone Silver and Black Colours.

Two Tone Silver and Black Colours, Great Workout For Thighs.

This is a solid cross trainer that will provide many years of service.

There's two sets of handlebars one fixed and one that moves the fixed handlebars are for shaping and toning your legs where you can tone your thighs, buttocks, hips, stomach muscles, calves and ankles and with the moving handlebars you can have a full; body workout exercising the shoulders and arms as well as the legs.

The exercise computer shows you ion real time your speed, calories, pulse rate, distance and time so as you make a change in your exercise speeding up or slowing down you can instantly see all your readings update too you can use the time display to keep and eye on how long you have been exercising for and use the speed display to keep a constant speed whilst you exercise or speed up towards the end for that final push and with a calorie counter your be able to see how many calories you burning to help you lose weight and keep your motivation as you see the calories count up.

On the fixed handlebars your find the resistance wheel simply turn this to increase how hard it is to move the pedals round so you can have an exercise that's suited exactly to your abilities.
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